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6 Artificial Intelligence Frameworks to Learn

6 Artificial Intelligence Frameworks to Learn

In today’s era, Artificial Intelligence has now become a part of digital transformation. And its impact is rising in the modern day world. Top Software organizations like Apple, Google, Facebook are vigorously putting resources into AI innovative work. This also exclude all the new AI new businesses that have risen up to this point. Moreover, this pattern is simply set to ascend much more in the future with AI advancement innovation. As expressed by Stephen Hawking, Artificial insight is probably an awesome or most exceedingly terrible thing to happen to humankind.

In addition, it’s truly challenging to predict how AI technology will develop in the future. And assume it will become fully aware like human beings. Nonetheless, everybody can anticipate how this AI will create in the approaching future, and what new applications will create in the approaching future. Top software companies in Toronto are bringing the power of AI strategy to life for clients around the world.

About AI Technology 

Before going into the whole process of artificial intelligence frameworks ,let’s first understand the process of AI.

Intelligence : It’s the capacity to learn and solve issues. Also, the most widely recognized answer that one expects is to make PCs canny so they can act brilliantly. Be that as it may, the inquiry is how insightful? .. as insightful as people. In the event that PCs can tackle certifiable issues, they imply as wise. Further, the AI frameworks are viewed as more straightforward (as opposed to explicit),. It can think and is more adaptable.

To summarize, AI means as the duplicate of something regular (ie, individuals) , WHO is equipped for getting and applying the data it has acquired through experience. Also, Artificial intelligence consists of:

  • Thinking
  • Learning
  • Problem solving 
  • Linguistic Intelligence

AI Frameworks

An artificial intelligence framework provides faster and easier development of AI applications. These include deep learning, machine learning and neural networks. Big software companies in Toronto are collecting massive amounts of data, which also signifies big data.

They are demanding technologies that are robust and use that data. That’s the primary reason why most technologies in today’s world need an AI framework. In this article, we’re discussing the 6 most important artificial intelligence frameworks. Let’s look into these frameworks:

  • TensorFlow

Minimal research on AI frameworks is almost leading you to TensorFlow. It was now developed by the team of Google Brain for internal Google use in production and research. The initial release  was in 2015 under the Apache license 2.0. In September 2019, it released a new version Tensor 2.0. However, it can be useful within an array of programming languages. These are particularly known as Python, Javascript, C++, and Java as well.

Key Features:

  • Computational Power:

It can be useful on any CPU or GPU. Therefore, it has a high computational power.

  • Usage of Graph Abstraction

By usage of graph abstraction, helpful in creating machine models. By using this framework, anyone can build neural networks with graphs. This also depicts operations as nodes.

  • PyTorch

PyTorch is one of the most important frameworks in artificial intelligence. However, it is super adaptable in terms of integrations and languages. It was released by Facebook’s AI research lab. This also acts as an open source library useful in deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing software. Another feature is its greater affinity with iOS as well as Android etc.

Key Features:

  • Easy Debugging

It uses debugging tools like IPDB and PDB. Developers are using Python’s IDE Pycharm. This can be useful to debug due to the computational graph at runtime.

6 Artificial Intelligence Frameworks to Learn


  • Theano

Theano is a Python based AI framework. This is  capable of delivering peak precision for networks that need high computational power. However, it is used for evaluating mathematical expressions. Typically matrix valued expressions. Because of dynamic code generation, expressions in Theano are fastly evaluated. This also supports high level modules like Lasagne.

Key Features:

  • Execution Speed

It can use GPUs and execute fragments of expression in GPU or CPU. This is faster than Python.

  • Faster Accuracy Ratio

This is known for its accuracy and provides a great accuracy ratio. Regardless, of how minimal the values are which makes it highly preferable.

Other Frameworks

  • Microsoft CNTK

Microsoft CNTK is Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. This is an important framework supporting voice remodeling, message and text. The initial release of this framework was made in 2016. However, this provides an efficient expression of low level and high level networks. It delivers  high efficiency due to optimum utilization.

However, this framework is Python and C++ compatible and hence can work with various servers at a time. This, however, shortens the span of the entire process.

Key Features:

  • Highly Advanced

It’s highly advanceable. As it supports GAN, CNN and RNN. Also, CNTK is highly optimizable to provide accuracy, and high level integration.

  • Faster evaluation

It offers a faster evaluation of machine models that provides a friendly environment.

  • Scikit-Learn

This framework offers an array of supervised and unsupervised algorithms. This is usually based on Python. Its latest release is in 2021. Through this framework, the importance of supervised models on unseen data can be checked. By using this framework, you can carry out particular features from images and text. 

Key Features:

  • Dimensionality Moderation

For the process of feature selection and summarization, there are more chances in reduction of attributes in data.

  • Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning is a new framework in the AI sphere. But it’s quickly becoming famous due to its apt features. It was came in November 2017. The fundamental operations of this framework consists of:

  • Data analysis
  • Model training
  • And evaluation

However, this framework is very beginner friendly. It also contains customizable tools for every experience level. Hence, it’s a suitable option for developers of all skill levels. Visit Gyan Solutions to know more about Artificial Intelligence frameworks. 




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