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How Machine Learning Helps Businesses Grow?

How Machine Learning Help Businesses Grow?

Arthur, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and computer gaming defines the term machine learning. He defines machine learning as a field of study that enables systems to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. In other words, machine learning simply means automating. This also improves  the learning process of computers based on experiences without being actually programmed. 

That is without any human assistance. This process starts with providing good quality data and then training our machines by building machine learning models using the data and different algorithms. The choice of algorithms depends on what type of data we have and what type of task we are trying to automate. There are big software companies in Toronto who are using machine learning technology to deliver impactful results to their clients.

Terminologies of Machine Learning

  • Model

A model is a specific representation that comes from data by applying some machine learning algorithm. A model also known as hypothesis.

  • Feature

A feature is an individual measurable property or characteristic phenomenon. However, a set of numeric features can be describable by a feature vector. Feature vectors passing as input to the model. Choosing informative, discriminating and independent features is an important element of effective algorithms in pattern recognition, classification and regression.

  • Target

A target variable or label is the value to be predictable by our model. For example, the label with each set of input would be the name of the fruit like apple, grapes or banana.

  • Training

The ideal is to give a set of inputs and its expected outputs. So after training, we will have a model (hypothesis) that will map new data to one of the categories trained on. 

  • Prediction

Once the model is ready, it can be fed a set of inputs to which it will provide a predicting output ie. label.

How Machine Learning helps Businesses Grow?

How ML Helps Businesses?

There are top software companies in Toronto who are using machine learning to utilize the huge amount of data to develop actionable predictions. In this process, executives can invest resources and grow their company.

Below are some ways how machine learning can help businesses to grow.

  • Natural Language

One of the most complex challenges that most of the tech industries are facing is creating a program that can understand natural language. Software technology is now improving overtime. Likewise  users can now type regular sentences into Google search rather than the unwieldy search terms of the past. However, computer programs are still facing difficulty understanding natural language. Machine learning is the way to change that.

Voice assistants like Google assistant and Intelligent virtual assistant are already helping executives and other professionals. They increase their efficiency and grow their business. They do in several ways:

  • First, AI driven personal assistants perform the same functions as administrative assistants. For example, booking appointments, events added to calendar, booking flights and hotels and more. 
  • In addition, these personal assistants can help employees save time throughout the day. For example, professionals had to manually look up historical data or important information. Today, executives can simply ask their assistant to provide information on interest rates.
  • Logistics

The logistics and retail industries are rapidly becoming experts in the machine learning fields. Nowadays, this helps businesses improve their logistics through increased efficiency in every step of the shipping, storage and sales process.

Also, this technology also allows various businesses to integrate autonomous driving into their fleets.

Other Ways in Businesses Growth

  • Manufacturing

Various manufacturing industries have already taking part in machine learning technology. That’s because AI driven technology can help businesses save money by making production more efficient. However, various savvy companies like Seebo are using developers to create cutting edge data analytics software.

These programs use machine learning to predict annual manufacturing peaks and to suggest process improvements. They also create money saving maintenance schedules that help companies avoid shutdowns.

Meanwhile, consulting firm Deloitte also shows that machine learning can save companies millions of dollars through preventive maintenance. This firm also estimates AI driven programs can help big software companies in Toronto reduce unplanned downtime by 15 to 30 percent.

  • Consumer Data

Nowadays, consumers are more keen to see how the analysis of consumer data will impact profits and future growth. Industries have spent the  time collecting billions of data points on their customers. This includes information like shopping habits, demographic identifiers, income and more. 

AI driven software is finally letting these companies utilize the data. However, consumers are engaging with blockchain companies in Toronto to build state of the art data analytics software. This can collect information and generate useful and actionable predictions.

For example, various online retail marketplaces use machine learning to improve its customer experience. The company uses the technology to create individualized customer profiles. This helps to improve search results and improve the user design. 

Nowadays, Netflix is another company that is using AI driven technology successfully. This platform uses machine learning to build extensive view profiles that accurately predict which shows the users will be interested in. Consumers interact with this program and provide useful data every time they scroll through new films. 


Nowadays, machine learning is helping many big software companies  increase sales and plan for the future. That’s one reason why companies of all sizes have begun engaging with web development companies to find experienced data scientists. 

Meanwhile, AI driven software is the most important to increase efficiency and boost sales in the manufacturing industries. In addition , retail companies are working with web development services to build custom software . This analysis consumer data to improve sales and increase customer loyalty.

Further improvements in natural language are likewise to have a major impact on consumer devices. AI driven personal assistants are already helping consumers save time and increase the quality of their work.

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