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Is Blockchain Technology the new Internet?

Yes. Web3 is the next generation of the internet that exists on the blockchain. Blockchain refers to a as a decentralized, distributed ledger of records of all transactions. This records the ownership of a digital asset. Each transaction is verified by the majority of  participants of the system. The asset is decentralized, allowing full time access and transparency to the public. This is distributed over the network thus making it incorruptible. Anything like land assets, cars etc exists on blockchain as a transaction. 

However, blockchain is an especially revolutionary technology. Because it helps reduce risk, reduce fraudulent, and brings transparency in a scalable way.

Web3 Introduction

The idea behind the whole process is simple. As a general idea, Web3 can be defined as an internet that is using a decentralized network, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The concept is that the internet evolves into a completely new infrastructure that is based on blockchain technology. 

Basically, Web3 is the new period of the web’s development. The progressions that Web3 is bringing to the web that will take it to the high level. Internet specialists accept that these progressions will make the web more simple. Web3 runs on what is known as permissionless blockchains. These have no centralized control and don’t require users to trust – or even know anything about other users to do business with them.


  • Blockchain can speed up data transfer processing
  • Ensuring secure transactions
  • Blockchain highly restricts frauds
  • This is reliable and transparent
  • Immutable ie, can’t be interchangeable
  • It’s cost-effective


There are some benefits to consider

  • Time saving

Transactions using this technology take less time as compared to credit card transactions. They are quick where credit card transactions can take several minutes.

  • Cost saving

The blockchain network reduces expenses in several ways. There is no need for Third party verification  in this technology. Participants can share assets directly. No involvement of intermediaries. Blockchain also reduces or eliminates the need for third parties or middlemen to verify transactions.

  • Higher security

With blockchain, your business process is safe with the help of a high level of security. The system is safe against any fraud attacks.

Is Blockchain Technology the new Internet?

Blockchain Laying Foundation of Web3

Blockchain enhances trust across a business network. Because of its distributed nature, it is shared and updated with every transaction applied to this tech.

However, this technology builds trust through the following factors:

  • Distributed

Blockchain are digitally ledger in nature. However, distributed ledgers use independent nodes to record, and share transactions in their respective electronic ledgers.

  • Maintenance of Digital Identities

In the current era of the internet, various digital identities are forming. And with various numbers, it is difficult to remember everything. With blockchain, we can cut down and create a system where everything is user-centric. Blockchain technology is user centric as compared to traditional internet systems.

  • Secure

All transactions under this technology  are secured by cryptography. Each block comprises a unique and private key. This can be verified with a public key. However, this technology gives a platform where you can ensure a safe and secure transaction.

  • Transparent

Because every node in this tech has a copy of the blockchain data. They have access to all transaction data. They themselves can verify the identities without any third party.

  • Flexible

Smart contracts under this technology can execute based on certain conditions . However, this can be written into the platform. Also, this can evolve in pace with business processes.

  • Immutable

Records on a blockchain is unable to change. Bitcoin is impossible to hack. A new block of transactions is added after a complex mathematical problem is solved. This is then verified by a consensus mechanism. Additionally, each new block has a unique cryptographic key resulting from the previous block’s information and the key is added to a formula.

Blockchain Surge, and Growth 

In 2009, we saw cryptocurrency and blockchain come into existence. Similar to the internet, this technology is the underlying technology for cryptocurrency transactions. It only gained popularity after bitcoin came into existence. Over a period of time, Blockchain surge bitcoin and other cryptocurrency usages. Because of its decentralized nature, it has become a key point of growth. Cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallet, smart contracts are some of the main applications that blockchain at its core.

The Future Ahead

Though blockchain is still emerging, it’s advancing quickly. While the technology continues to grow, limitations still exist including technical issues. Such as scalability, data privacy and standardization. Moreover, this requires a need for market-wide understanding of technology application against the current regulatory framework. In addition, there are technical problems related to security. To date, security breaches are related to user and human error, rather than the core technology. But these complexities need to be find out.

This technology holds a great future. More and more bigger names came into this technology and its application. We are expecting some big mainstream change in the industry. Big software companies in Toronto are planning to implement Blockchain as a part of their mainstream business operations. They are useful with its applications so that this tech soon becomes as revolutionary as the internet. 

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