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What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence?

In recent times, artificial intelligence is the golden world. Top Software companies like Apple, Google, Facebook are heavily investing in AI research and development and that doesn’t include all the new AI startups that have risen so far. And this trend is only set to rise even more in the future with AI innovation technology. As stated by Stephen Hawking, Artificial intelligence is likely the best or worst thing to happen to humanity. 

Moreover, it’s very difficult to predict how AI technology will develop in the future and if it will become fully aware like human beings. However, everyone can predict how this AI will develop in the coming future, and what new applications will develop in the coming future. There are the best software companies in Toronto using AI technology to improve products or gain a strategic edge. 

AI Technology Overview

Before leading to the meaning of artificial intelligence,let’s first understand the meaning of intelligence.

Intelligence: It’s the ability to learn and solve problems. And the most common answer that one expects is to make computers intelligent so that they can act intelligently. But the question is how intelligent? .. as intelligent as humans. If computers can solve real world problems, they signify as intelligent. Thus the AI systems are basically simple (rather than specific),. It has the ability to think and is more flexible. To sum up, artificial intelligence signifies as the copy of something natural (ie, human beings) , WHO is capable of acquiring and applying the information it has gained through experience. Moreover, Artificial intelligence consists of:

  • Reasoning
  • Learning
  • Real world problem solving
  • Linguistic Intelligence

Need for AI Technology

  • To create dominant systems that exhibit intelligence  with the capability to learn, demonstrate, explain and helpful its users.
  • As humans, they also helps in finding solutions for complex problems by helping machines and apple them as algorithms in a more friendly manner

Let’s explore some of the AI technology predictions.

AI Technology Predictions

  • Human Augmentation

Nowadays, humans are the most dominant species in this world. But what if they become a real world problem solver even more using technology? This is what human augmentation does. Human augmentation are mainly treating as purely in the physical by increasing their capabilities using various gadgets. Or they can be much more mental like trying to sync the human brain with various technologies.This is obviously much more difficult! An example of human augmentation is powered armor that can increase human strength and endurance.

  • Multi Experience

In the coming future, it will be more difficult for humans to understand what’s real and what only appears to be real? This can be done using technologies like Virtual reality and mixed reality which can provide multi dimensional experiences that were never seen before. This means that users can experience interactions with technology that are multi-sensory in nature.

For example, IKEA mobile app is an excellent demonstration of augmented reality. Any user can select anything from the IKEA catalog using the app. And any user can see how it looks in your home virtually. Then any user can decide if he wants to buy it. Hence, the rise of multi experience means that the technology has become more accessible so that normal humans can easily use it.

Other Predictions

  • Artificial Intelligence Ethics

Nowadays, AI is becoming more and more popular, nobody knows how far it can actually develop. While some users believe that  artificial intelligence will become fully aware and super-species, others think this is not possible and AI will just support humans in the future.But still, there are many complex problems relating to artificial intelligence that companies are finding difficulties  in present times. 

One very real problem is that AI should have no bias against other religions, nationalities etc as humans do. There are top software companies in Toronto that are working towards creating unbiased AI systems. Some users believe that many jobs will be created because of AI that will balance the scales. While others think that AI could become the problem solver by helping machines and industries they are currently tackling nowadays. 

AI Use in Industries
  • Hyper Automation

 As robots are rising up, there is certainly a rise in automation. And now the trend has been rising up in the form of hyper automation. But the question is what is automation? Simply put, automation is the technology by which work is done by machines with very little human help. But hyper automation goes beyond that. Moreover, it’s the capacity of machines to use machine learning along with various automation tools to become even more independent. The rise of hyper automation increasing by robotic process automation which is a productivity tool useful for many industries. 

  • Autonomous Things

There are many types of machines that use AI technology to perform functions without the help of humans. All of these machines are basically known as autonomous things. And while most autonomous things are currently testing in limited areas or say, in protected environments. Artificial intelligence is becoming more significant day by day in various industries.

Let’s take an example of autonomous things: self-driving cars that are currently in the testing stages. While they are not yet trusted fully on roads, there may come a time when your car drives themselves. Also, autonomous things are useful in space as well as in the form of NASA self-driving rovers on Mars. However, there are some of the benefits underlying below:

  • Firstly, they are connecting to each other and interact while working even across distances. 
  • In the case of humans, this is not possible and so they can use autonomous things very effectively.
Emerging Future

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is the revolutionary field which becomes the main component of various emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT. It will continue to act as a technological innovator in the upcoming future. Moreover, machines that help humans with intelligence are not just in sci-fi movies but also in the real world. There are various blockchain companies in Toronto that are working to democratize access to datasets and algorithms needed to train AI models.



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