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5 Reasons why AI is Important?

You have heard that AI can be useful in various industries to do tasks. AI is a group of many different technologies working together to enable machines to sense, act and learn with human-like levels of intelligence. Maybe that’s why it seems the definition of artificial intelligence is different. AI isn’t just one thing but a combination of different technologies.

Meanwhile, technologies like machine learning and natural language processing are all parts of artificial intelligence. Each one is revolving along its own path. When applying with data, analytics and automation can help businesses achieve their goals. This includes improving customer experience or optimizing the supply chain. However, there are big software companies in Toronto who are building fully autonomous AI by identifying the aspects of intelligence.

Narrow AI

Some define artificial intelligence as narrow or general AI. Most of us what we experience in our daily lives is narrow AI. This performs a single task or a set of closely related tasks. Examples:

  • Weather apps
  • Business software that analyzes data. Useful for optimizing a business function. However, these systems are powerful. They usually tend to be focusing on driving efficiencies.

General or Strong AI

General AI basically can be seen in sci-fi films, where machines emulate human intelligence. Thinking strategically and creatively, with the ability to handle large complex tasks. While machines can do better tasks than humans. That’s why human machine collaboration is important in today’s world. However, this becomes a primary goal of some artificial intelligence research and a common topic in future studies.

The Benefits of AI

There are some of the benefits of Artificial intelligence to consider:

  • End-to-end efficiency

AI eliminates friction. This however improves analytics and resource utilization across your organization. This results in significant cost reductions. In addition, it can also solve complex processes and minimize downtime. This is done by predicting maintenance needs.

  • Improved accuracy and decision making

AI augments human intelligence with rich analytics.  However, this improves the quality, effectiveness, and creativity of employee decisions.

  • Intelligent offerings

Because machines think differently from humans. They can uncover opportunities in the market more quickly. However, this helps to introduce new products, services and business models with a level of speed and quality.

5 Reasons why AI is Important?

Reasons why AI is Important?

Here are some of the important reasons why AI is important to you.

  • Artificial intelligence will create new jobs

It’s no news that AI will replace repetitive jobs. It means that these kinds of jobs will be automated, like what robots are currently doing in a group of factories. However, Robots are advancing the humans that are supposed to do those tasks practically jobless. Moreover, There are blockchain companies in Toronto who are providing artificial intelligence services. These services will let you implement the data-first strategy.

  • Improve Healthcare

AI can be useful in the healthcare industry. This is applicable in automated operations, predictive diagnostics, precision surgery, and a host of other clinical operations. Meanwhile, some experts predict that AI will change the healthcare landscape.

Some of the applications in healthcare are:

  • Managing medical records
  • Digital consultation
  • Treatment design
  • Medical management 
  • Precision medicine
  • Drug creation 

Other Useful Reasons

  • Revolutionising Agriculture 

AI is extensively used in the agriculture industry. Robots can be useful in planting of seeds, crop fertilisation, and administering pesticides. However, farmers are using drones to check the cultivation of crops and also collect data for analysis.

However, AI analyses the collected data  on such variables as crop health and soil conditions. This will boost the final production and also be used in harvesting. Especially for crops that are difficult to gather.

  • Eliminate the need for you to perform Complex tasks

AI is changing the various industries , and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic. It can be useful to do lots of lengthy tasks. This is especially the low-skilled type of jobs that are labor-intensive. This means that employees will be taken away from tedious tasks. And, this also brings positive change in the workplace.

  • Useful to Increase Auto Safety and Decrease Traffic complications 

Nowadays,  Auto accidents are increasing widely. However, it kills thousands of people every month. A group of 95 percent of these accidents is through human errors. This means that accidents are avoidable.

However, the number of accidents will reduce due to the emergence of Artificial intelligence. Also, by the use of self-driving  cars. Ongoing research is looking at ways AI can be useful to improve traffic conditions.

In addition, Smart systems are currently popular in many places and cities. This is useful to analyze traffic lights at the intersections. Avoiding congestion leads to safer movements of vehicles, and bicycles.


Artificial intelligence is very useful in all industries according to marketing research. The advancements in this AI technology is gaining advantage to many industries if they are trusted.

In addition, An important part is artificial intelligence and advancing  technologies such as drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles. This can create around tens of millions of jobs over the next decade.

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